The primary target for this website were tiny toddlers and their doting parents so fun and exciting colors and fonts were a mandate. Lil Amigos is a combination of preschool, daycare and enrichment center so detailing about facilities and amenities had to be the focus. We used bright colors and chose fonts that aligned with the overall theme of the website, and this helped us to keep the website light and fluffy.


When one of the fastest growing recruitment companies wants their website developed, the pride and anticipation is definitely high. Clear design and an eye for detail was mandatory here. Clarity of thought was important and so was the execution and we did a fabulous job (the client’s words, not ours)


Being one of the top CA coaching classes in Mumbai, it was natural for them to connect to the best Web Design Company in Mumbai to build a world-class website for them. The site had to be populated with a lot of images and videos along with course details and faculty information. Merging them on a single website without cluttering it up had to be done smartly and creatively, and the net result matched the client’s vision perfectly.

Brij Photography

Building an appealing and charismatic website for a professional photographer got our team’s creative juices flowing and the dramatic results that followed proved that we had it in us to deliver. We followed it up with a brilliant Social Media Campaign that matched our earlier effort.