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Crawling and Indexing: How to Make Google Search to Index Your Site?

Crawling and indexing are how Google analyzes and interprets your site’s content and can affect your website’s SEO. This post shared by the SEO company in Mumbai will help you understand the difference between crawling and indexing, the effects on your website’s indexability and crawlability, and how you can increase both.   What’s the matter…

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Customer Loyalty Program: Definition, Importance, how to retain & Measure It

Did you know that it is 5 to five times more to find new customers than to keep current customers? Did you know that your customers who are already loyal to you are 50 percent higher likely to test a brand-new product you offer and invest 31 percent greater than brand-new customers? If you do…

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Top 10 Email Automation Tools to Automate Your Business Email in 2022

Email automation is one of the best ways to develop and maintain your subscriber list. Email automation sends emails regularly and according to a specific template or schedule.  By automating your business email marketing, you can create an effective system for automated email campaigns by using powerful tools and software, which has been listed by…