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Case Study - Digital Video Marketing Strategy for Video Production Photography Company

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100% Surge in Organic Traffic for an Video Production & Photography Company in Just 5 Months

Client Location: United Arab Emirates
Industry: Video Production & Photography Company
Service Provided: SEO


People Perfect Media LLC, established in Dubai, UAE, is a prominent video production and photography company with an expansive reach in markets such as India, Malaysia, and Spain. Their diverse services encompass Creative Photography, Advertising & Branding, and Digital Marketing. With a commitment to putting clients first and a track record of surpassing quality standards, People Perfect Media stands as one of the best advertising agencies in Dubai.
Digital marketing agency in Mumbai | Web design company in Mumbai | Outsourcing company in India | SySpree

Client's Goals

People Perfect Media LLC, a leading video production and photography company based in Dubai, UAE, has entrusted Syspree Digital with its video marketing strategy. With a strong presence in markets like India, Malaysia, and Spain, People Perfect Media offers various services, including Creative Photography, Advertising & Branding, and Digital Marketing.

Syspree Digital, a leading ​​digital video marketing agency, has been tasked with leveraging digital marketing strategies, particularly SEO, to achieve People Perfect Media’s following objectives:

  1. Enhance Online Visibility: By optimizing its website for search engines, People Perfect Media aims to secure top rankings and ensure maximum visibility to potential clients searching for video production and photography services in Dubai and beyond.
  2. Drive Website Traffic: Through targeted SEO efforts, People Perfect Media seeks to attract a consistent flow of online visitors interested in their diverse services, ultimately increasing engagement and conversions.

With a shared commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, this collaboration between People Perfect Media and Syspree Digital is poised to elevate People Perfect Media’s position as one of the leading video production and photography company in Dubai and beyond, generating high-quality leads for photographers.


Syspree Digital a leading marketing agency for photographers crafted an SEO strategy for People Perfect Media that surpassed conventional methodologies. Rooted in meticulous market research and industry insights, the strategy zeroed in on precise audience segmentation, strategic content placement, and a meticulous link-building approach. The objectives of the video marketing strategy extended beyond attracting organic photography leads or traffic – it aimed to position People Perfect Media as a distinguished player in the highly competitive video production & photography space.

Understanding the unique nuances of People Perfect Media’s offerings, the SEO strategy delved into tailored keyword research, dynamic technical SEO implementations, and continuous performance audits. The agile link-building approach, combined with strategic promotional video marketing & SEO management by metrics, formed a robust foundation. Additionally, as part of the content marketing for photographers, engaging and tiered content placement, coupled with Syspree Digital’s exclusive video marketing strategy methods, ensured a multifaceted approach to bolster People Perfect Media’s online presence.

Our Implementation

Syspree Digital seamlessly executed the devised strategy, incorporating deep keyword research to embed relevant terms within key areas like website content and metadata. Simultaneously, the video lead generation strategy included geo-targeted SEO techniques, tailoring content for the specific video production & photography industry, and integrating cultural nuances for maximum resonance.

A critical aspect of the implementation of the video marketing lead generation strategy revolved around strategic link-building, securing high-quality backlinks from reputable industry sources. This not only enhanced People Perfect Media’s domain authority but also contributed significantly to improved search engine rankings. Emphasizing mobile optimization was paramount, acknowledging the prevalence of mobile users in the video production & photography space. This ensured a user-friendly experience across devices, positively impacting search engine rankings and overall user satisfaction.

A continuous performance analysis utilizing advanced analytics tools was integral to the video marketing strategy. This ongoing assessment of website metrics, user behavior, and keyword performance informed strategic adjustments needed for video marketing for lead generation. The result was a dynamic SEO strategy, adept at adjusting to changes in search engine algorithms and user preferences. The ultimate goal remained continuous optimization, securing People Perfect Media’s sustained success in the dynamic digital landscape of video production & photography.

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Results and Impact

The impact of Syspree’s digital marketing for photographers’ strategic execution for People Perfect Media was evident in just four months. In just four months, the website witnessed a remarkable 101% increase in traffic, soaring from 266 in April 2023 to 535 in August 2023.

Beyond traffic numbers, the bounce rate, initially at 75.53% in April 2023, was strategically reduced to 32.73% in August 2023. This improvement reflects a significant enhancement in user engagement and website interaction. 

People Perfect Media’s online presence not only expanded but also achieved a more user-friendly and impactful digital environment.


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