200% Growth in Traffic in Just 5 Months

Digital Marketing Case Study for Locksmith Company

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Locksmith Company saw 200% Increase In Traffic In Just 5 Months

Client Location: United Arab Emirates
Industry: Locksmith Company
Service Provided: SEO


Founded on a commitment to providing the best locksmith services in Dubai, Keymaster Dubai stands out as a premier provider of key repair services. Boasting a team of skilled professionals available 24/7, the company is your go-to destination for locksmith needs in various areas of Dubai, including JLT and Barsha Heights.
Digital marketing agency in Mumbai | Web design company in Mumbai | Outsourcing company in India | SySpree

Client's Goals

Syspree Digital partnered with Keymaster Dubai, a leading locksmith company, to amplify its online presence and navigate the dynamic locksmith industry in Dubai. Keymaster Dubai, recognizing the need for strategic digital initiatives, sought Syspree’s expertise to not only increase visibility but also position itself as the go-to choice for individuals seeking top-notch locksmith services in the region.


Syspree Digital developed a tailored SEO strategy for Keymaster Dubai, grounded in a thorough understanding of the locksmith industry’s challenges and opportunities in Dubai. Recognizing the importance of local search, the strategy emphasized optimizing for location-specific keywords, ensuring Keymaster Dubai would prominently feature in search results when users sought locksmith services in Dubai.

To effectively communicate Keymaster Dubai’s unique value proposition, the strategy included creating content that spotlighted the company’s diverse locksmith services, showcasing expertise, and emphasizing a commitment to customer satisfaction. This content was strategically aligned with prevalent industry concerns to resonate with the target audience, establishing Keymaster Dubai as a reliable and professional locksmith service provider.

Syspree Digital also focused on cultivating high-quality backlinks to augment Keymaster Dubai’s Domain Authority, reinforcing its credibility within the locksmith sector.

Our Implementation

The strategy’s execution involved meticulous keyword research and integration, optimizing Keymaster Dubai’s website content and metadata to align precisely with its specific locksmith services. Local SEO techniques were adeptly deployed to augment visibility in Dubai, ensuring the company featured prominently in local search results for pertinent queries.

Content creation played a central role, with Syspree Digital crafting informative articles, service pages, and customer testimonials that effectively showcased Keymaster Dubai’s expertise and reliability. This content was strategically disseminated across the website and various online platforms, offering a comprehensive overview of the company’s capabilities.

Concurrently, efforts were dedicated to continuous monitoring and analysis of website metrics, user behavior, and keyword performance allowed Syspree Digital to refine the strategy over time, ensuring Keymaster Dubai maintained a competitive edge in the online landscape while effectively reaching and serving a broader audience seeking reliable locksmith solutions in Dubai.

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Results and Impact

The website experienced a substantial traffic increase, soaring from 92 in August 2022 to an impressive 307 in January 2023. This represents a remarkable 233.69% growth in website traffic.

Keymaster Dubai’s visibility improved significantly, with the number of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions jumping from 14 in August 2022 to an impressive 30 in January 2023


% Increase in Web Traffic


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