2800% Increase in traffic in 6 Months

Digital Marketing Case Study for Emcan Institute

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2800% Increase in Education Institute Website Traffic

Client Location: UAE
Service Provided: SEO


EMCAN Institute, established in 2010, is a leading educational institution in Dubai, specializing in live online English courses, business English courses, and various job-oriented training programs. With branches in Al Nahda 2 and Bur Dubai, EMCAN Institute has a decade-plus experience in providing high-quality education, particularly in test preparation courses.
Digital marketing agency in Mumbai | Web design company in Mumbai | Outsourcing company in India | SySpree

Client's Goals

EMCAN Institute partnered with Syspree with the primary goal of enhancing its online visibility and attracting a broader audience for its English proficiency test preparation courses and job-oriented training programs. The aim is to become a prominent player in the competitive education sector in Dubai.


Syspree Digital has crafted a tailored SEO strategy for EMCAN Institute, a leading provider of online English and business courses in Dubai. Our approach begins with thorough market research to understand customer preferences and industry dynamics. We then implement targeted audience segmentation, focusing on precise demographics and online behaviors.

Keyword research is central to our strategy, optimizing website content for terms related to language courses and test preparation. Regular technical SEO audits ensure site optimization, addressing issues such as page speed and mobile responsiveness. We employ an agile link-building approach, acquiring high-quality backlinks through partnerships and content collaboration.

Our metrics-driven SEO management involves constant analysis of KPIs like organic traffic and keyword rankings. Positive customer engagement is fostered through social media and email marketing, encouraging reviews to enhance online reputation. Aligned with EMCAN’s unique offerings, our strategy aims to boost online visibility, attract a targeted audience, and establish the institute as a key player in Dubai’s competitive education landscape.

Our Implementation

Syspree Digital’s implementation strategy for EMCAN Institute integrates eight key components to elevate its online presence in the competitive Dubai education market. The journey begins with a meticulous market research phase, leveraging advanced tools to gain insights into language learning industry trends, customer preferences, and competitors. This data forms the foundation for a targeted audience segmentation strategy, allowing EMCAN to tailor content and outreach efforts to meet the specific needs and interests of distinct audience segments effectively.

Following the audience segmentation, a comprehensive keyword optimization strategy is executed across the website. Regular monitoring and adjustments ensure alignment with evolving search trends. Technical SEO enhancements are then rolled out, addressing issues related to page speed, mobile optimization, and overall site performance. This proactive approach ensures that EMCAN’s online platform is finely tuned for optimal visibility to search engine crawlers.

A metrics-driven SEO management system is implemented, analyzing key performance indicators for ongoing optimization. Agile link-building involves active pursuit of guest blogging, and collaborations with authority websites. The dynamic approach is designed for continuous improvement, adapting to changing algorithms and emerging opportunities within the education sector. This comprehensive strategy seamlessly integrates with EMCAN Institute’s operations, providing a dynamic and adaptive plan aligned with its goals in the competitive Dubai education landscape.

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Results and Impact

The strategic execution by Syspree Digital delivered remarkable results for EMCAN within a short timeframe:

Traffic Surge:

  • EMCAN’s website witnessed an exceptional increase in traffic, soaring from 29 in June 2023 to an impressive 852 in November 2023, reflecting a remarkable 2837.93% surge in just five months.

Keyword Rankings:

  • The number of keywords in top 10 positions skyrocketed from 7 to 28, marking a phenomenal 300% increase in keyword rankings within the same period.

Month-on-Month Average Traffic Increase:

  • EMCAN experienced a substantial month-on-month average increase in website traffic, boasting an impressive 500.69%.


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