What are the SEO Advantages of switching to HTTPS?

Before we broach the actual topic of the SEO advantages of switching over to HTTPS, here are a few facts one should know about HTTPS:

  • HTTPS has been a signal in Google’s ranking algorithm for the past 3 years
  • More than 80% of users are likely to abandon a purchase midway if data was sent over an insecure connection, clearly showing that security could impact sales.
  • HTTPS sites load much faster than HTTP sites and they are also likely to rank better
  • Studies have indicated that higher search rankings and HTTPS are linked to a certain extent

The above facts clearly indicate that it is not only onsite content that can have an impact (positive or negative) on traffic and conversions, and website security is a critical factor too. Every leading provider of SEO services in Mumbai will vouch for this and the positive impact of an HTTPS site is well documented too.

That HTTPS offers security is common knowledge and is the best way of remaining on the good side of Google. However there are a few benefits too so let us understand why it makes sense in moving over to HTTPS from the SEO perspective:

  1. Improved Rankings: This is the most obvious benefit as Google has time and again reiterated that HTTPS sites will have their rankings boosted. Also as time goes by, it will be essential to switch to HTTPS and gain value.
  2. Referrer Data: The secure referrer information is saved when traffic passes to an HTTPS site, which is unlike what occurs with HTTP sites, when it is stripped away and seems direct in nature.
  3. Privacy: HTTPS is capable of enhancing security for your website and SEO in more than one way. HTTPS does not allow any kind of tampering by a third party and fortifies the site for your visitors. It also makes sure that the server is talking to the right website through its verification processes. All kind of communication along with URLs are encrypted and this protects critical information like browsing history and credit/debit card details.

For ease of switching from HTTP to HTTPS, Google has provided the below mentioned tips as best practices for SEO and it is also essential to communicate to Google that your site has moved from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Make use of relative URLs for resources that are a part of the same domain
  • Use Protocol related URLs for all other domains.
  • Choose from the certificate type that you will need: single, wildcard or multi-domain
  • Use 2048-bit key certificates

Many responsive web developers in Mumbai have vetoed the fact that HTTPS is a highly secure system for websites and provide a large number of SEO benefits, primarily since it helps you to remain on the preferential list of Google.

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