Modern Retro-Making a comeback in Web Design

You would have noticed that clothes and hairstyles from the 80s and 90s are being used in modern day fashion. But that’s not all, even web design is going retro, as they call it, using hints of patterns and designs of the not-so-old era. This is Modern Retro and it is a great way of connecting to the past and creating a sense of nostalgia. This kind of a design creates an immediate connect between the user and the web designer, which is a huge positive.

Modern retro styles gives the users nostalgic memories and even without specific icons or brands, it makes the user exclaim “I remember that”. As a top-ranking graphic designing company in Mumbai, we ensure that these design focus on being fun and light, with an easy and child-like feel to them. Bringing the bygone era to the forefront is proving to be quite a success as is obvious from its growing popularity amongst designers, giving vintage stuff a completely fresh lease of life.

Before you make your decision to take the plunge with modern retro for your website, check out the pros and cons discussed below:


  • Modern retro is a progression of a few techniques that were popularised by flat design, especially in relation to colour and iconography.
  • Retro styles are exciting and fun ways to try out something fresh and new
  • The bright, fancy colours and simple shapes can be extremely attractive and attention seeking
  • Modern retro can be easily synchronised with themes like music or technology and is easy for users to relate to


  • A huge drawback could be that a particular segment may not relate to it at all
  • Designs can seem sloppy and unorganized with too many colours and shapes.
  • This style may not gel with other trendy elements and could seem out of place.

As leading players of customized web development in mumbai, we ensure a balance of all elements when we implement this design and use the fun and whimsical designs to connect to the audience quickly.

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