Logo Trends that ruled and continue their domination in the designing world

Running a modern business requires a good set of strategies and a robust marketing team to make these strategies successful. While branding a product too, it is extremely important to have a well-thought of and relevant logo. A logo helps in creating a unique identity for the brand and helps customer to visualize your product. Whenever a customer decides to make a choice between your product and a competitors’, it is the logo that will help him do so.

We are rated as one of the best logo designer in Mumbai and we always recommend creating a logo that matches the ethics and values that a brand has built for itself. An interesting yet simple logo can go a long way in keeping your brand etched in public memory. Let us now look at the trends that we have seen in the past year in logo design and how they can be implemented.

Linkages: The concept of linkage showcases a commitment to one another and to a cause, and represent the strength of union. Linkage is defined by two scenarios where two merging entities look to rebrand themselves or different technologies come together to form a new niche. The design also shows an impenetrable wall of protection that is formed by joining the links together.

Stimming: This idea of creating a logo that is never-ending like the loop of eight or something even more complicated stands for continuity and permanence. This design shows a continuous flow of ideas, that are smooth and engaging to begin with. It is also meant to convey perfection or consistency of quality or process.

Apart from this, as one of the Best Digital Agency in Mumbai, we makes extensive use of exciting trends like Ombre, Circles, Half and Half, Dog Eared, Corners, Line Dash and Off Shift have also made their presence felt in the world of logo designing to good effect.


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