Deconstructing Conversational Interface

As more and more companies begin to discover that their future lay in using conversation as a platform, we will see more of conversational interfaces that are able to apprehend the natural human language. Conversational UI has taken over Silicon Valley quite rapidly and is on its way to make its mark in the rest of the world.

So what’s a conversational UI?

As leading providers of customized web development in mumbai, we are excited by the growth of this concept and are keen to deconstruct it for the benefit of our readers. Any User Interface that simulates talking to a real human is conversational interface. Instead of communicating to a computer by clicking on multiple icons and entering various commands, the idea here is to communicate the way one would with another human, by speaking to it.

Currently, there are two kinds of conversational interfaces viz. chat bots and virtual assistants. A third type has also emerged, a point-and-click GUI that can be likened to a pseudo chat bot due to a similar appearance. However, though they resemble chatbots but can respond only with a fixed set of responses.

Examples of Conversational UI

Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s OK Google, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo are a few prime examples of voice assistants that work as conversational interfaces. Just by speaking to any of the above mentioned virtual helping hands, it calls people, searches for locations, plays your favourite song, sets alarms and does much more, all by speaking to your smartphone or laptop. Facebook has M, inside Messenger, which does regular stuff like book tables at your favourite restaurant or tickets at the nearest multiplex.

Since conversational interfaces are truly cross-platform and as a professional web designing company in mumbai as they have great potential to eliminate the problems users face while getting things done from a computer.

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