The Importance of Typography in Logo Design

The digital landscape of the modern world is dotted with innumerable websites. With the growth of medium, there is a growing awareness about web design and typography, which play a major role in how the website look. Websites, logos, posters, billboards, CD covers etc., all ensure that typography and design are combined well.

Every logo designing company in mumbai is aware that when it comes to logos, it is important to select the right typography while the design is being considered. There are a host of reasons why choosing the appropriate typography is crucial while an effective and engaging logo. Let us understand those reasons in detail:

 Promotes Effective Branding
A brand is your organization’s inimitable and distinctive personality and the clearer your perception about what a brand indicates, the easier it will be to understand the significance of typography in logo design. By attracting people to your business, you improve better leads and enhance profits. Typography can raise strong feelings and emotions, both responsible for creating an image for your brand.

The right typography is important to build that elusive feeling of trust and reliability, both essential for fortifying and expanding the brand.

 Helps Simplifying things
Using complex fonts while designing your logo makes it difficult for people to connect to your brand and blows away the prime purpose of creating the logo itself. What is the point if the fonts used in a logo makes it difficult to understand the meaning and the message behind it? Fonts like Papyrus, Comic Sans, Curlz MT etc. are found to be out of place for the purpose of designing logos in the field of graphic designing.

 Helps Logos to stand out in a crowd
Apart from simplicity, it is the uniqueness of a logo that helps it to retain its identity in the plethora of logos that surround us. It would be easy for your potential audience to confuse your logo with another brand and that is something that a brand would never want. Select a brand that helps you to create an easily distinguishable identity and also help people to relate to your products and services. The competitive market can be easily tackled if you have a great-looking logo by your side. The key is to select the right logo, one that will keep your brand above the clutter that surrounds your short-of-attention target customer.

 Essential to convey the right message
Choosing the right font is a difficult choice for sure, given the massive choice currently available and confusion is guaranteed. Yet, proper research and a detailed analysis can help you to select the right one for your business. The right font can enhance your logo design theme while reinforcing the message you have in mind. Just as wearing a fancy pair of jeans with a flashy t-shirt isn’t exactly the right attire while attending an interview, choosing the right font is equally crucial while appearing before your audience. If you are in the business of investments and financial services, you would want to convey trust and reliability as your primary qualities and the right font coupled with the right colours can help you to do exactly that. Fonts like FF Kievit, Optima-Regular, Interstate and Bembo are considered ideal fonts to convey trustworthiness and inspire confidence in the potential customers’ minds.

 Helps Grab attention
A logo designed by any top-notch graphic designing company in Mumbai, will be used across various mediums like letter heads, websites, business cards, brochures, the works. Therefore a logo that grabs the viewers’ attention irrespective of the medium it appears on, is the kind of logo you would want for your brand.

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