The Difference between Web development and Web designing

The terms “Web development” and “Web design” are quite often used interchangeably although both have entirely different meanings. These are two different terms and the skillsets needed by a web professional to carry out its functions are diverse too. If you are planning to set foot in this industry, then it is essential to understand the difference between them.

We are one of the leading responsive web developers in Mumbai and have often come across individuals who are unable to differentiate between these terms, despite being a part of the industry for long. Let’s try to sift the difference between them and clarify doubts:

Web designing
Web design is an extremely common term used in context with professionals from the industry so more than often, it is referring to a very broad set of skills, visual design being one of them. A web designer is completely focussed on the looks of the website and the customer’s interaction with it. They generally deal with the front end or customer-facing part of the web creation, using and implementing design principles to craft a great looking website. Web designers generally focus on making the site easy to navigate and as intuitive as possible for the visitors.

Web development
There are two sides to web development, Front end and back end, both skills overlapping each other on certain occasions but having different purposes to serve in web development. A front-end developer uses the visual design of a website and builds it in code, irrespective whether they have designed it themselves or created by a visual designer. Back-end development is connected to the realm of advanced programming and web interactions.

As a top ranking web designing company in Mumbai, we help to magnify the lines that get blurred between web designing and web development and therefore ensuring the right person is employed for the right kind of job.

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