When Typefaces rule and Content is king

Every game, be it cricket, tennis or chess, needs a strategy in order to be successfully played or won, where the players decide the best way to play and win. All players involved play an important role and act as per the strategies to be implemented. Compare this to your brand and its approach to survival at the top and you will realize content, brand strategy, brand identity, web architecture etc. are pieces of a puzzle which need to fall into the right place for success.
We are leading responsive web developers in Mumbai and consider typefaces to be an important part of any marketing strategy. Designing is a creative process and one could get drawn into the flow but results could vary and be inconsistent across different collateral. Let’s look at the role typefaces play in enhancing content:

Typefaces are a family of fonts that consists of a specific font in various styles and weights. Even if you don’t have to use the complete family of fonts, the basic italics and bold options of the font are in place. For example, one font can be used to create the body, headlines and content while another font can be used frugally for creative design only.

Points to be remembered:
• Confirm which fonts to be utilized for which medium
• Identify the typeface/fonts type
• Identify the fonts to be used in copy, headlines and subheadings
• Identify the fonts to be used specifically on print and digital media separately
• Confirm when sentence case, all caps, different styles or weights are to be used

As a top ranking provider of PPC services in mumbai, we place equal weightage on the quality of content and typefaces used to create websites that draw visitors and hold their attention for a longer period of time.

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