Use of Patterns, Rhythm and Repetition in Designing

Web designing concepts like repetition, patterns and rhythm may seem fairly simple but it is pertinent to understand their basics clearly. This will help to apply these concepts in a more effective manner to capture the user’s attention and therefore making these designs more impactful and effective.
Repetition, patterns and rhythm, the three methods of repetition, are helpful in empowering a design while making sure the message is clearly and rightly understood. As one of the best logo designer in mumbai, we make appropriate utilization of these methods to send across the right message to our users.
Repetition: Repeating a single element a number of times in a design is known as repetition. Repetition is extremely popular and useful in Application and web design and promises consistency across the website, which the user expects. For example, a business logo or a brand name is expected to appear at the same place and on every page, just like menu items. A consistent user experience is important and goes a long way in making the user comfortable.
Pattern: The repetition of more than one design element that work in tandem with each other is known as a pattern. This is a tricky decision while planning for a web design as a website consists of text and images too and the pattern has to be accommodating enough to encompass them, while keeping the viewer’s comfort in mind.

Rhythm: While repeating various elements, the intervals or gaps between such repetitions create a kind of a rhythm for the viewer. Random rhythm, regular rhythm, alternating rhythm, flowing rhythm and progressive rhythm are a few types employed by us as one of the Best Digital Agency in Mumbai. Users are able to focus on the content while designers can use these methods to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific design or content.

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